March 2014


Newsletter March 2014


Prayer Focus:

  • For all those attending Lent courses.
  • For a successful Annual Meeting and for all those who are willing to serve Christ Church.



Priest in Charge:        Rev Fred Trethewey (Tel: 02 97 73 33 36) e-mail: fred@trethewey.org.uk


Churchwardens:         Norma Parker (Tel: 02 97 75 42 37) e-mail: normajaneparker@rocketmail.com

                                   Chris Wilson (Tel: 02 97 72 19 29) e-mail: wilson.christopher@orange.fr


Local Contacts:

Huelgoat:                    Carole Turner (Tel: 02 98 78 24 68) e-mail: caroleturner@orange.fr

Ploërmel:                  The Churchwardens (details above).

Rostrenen:                   Robin and Laura Hillman (Tel: 02 97 51 74 26) e-mail:kermoran@wanadoo.fr



Ploërmel (14 Rue Général Dubreton)

(There is normally a shared lunch after each service.)

2nd Sunday next before Lent            Holy Communion 11.00am

5th Ash Wednesday                          Holy Communion 11.00am

9th First of Lent                                Prayer & Praise   11.00am

16th Second of Lent                            Holy Communion  11.00am

23rd Third of Lent                             Family Service   11.00am with Holy Communion

30th Fourth of Lent (Mothering Sunday) Holy Communion  11.00am followed by Annual Meeting


Rostrenen (La Chapelle du Collège de Campostal.)

9th First of Lent                                Holy Communion 10.30am

23rd Third of Lent                               Holy Communion  10.30am


Huelgoat (Parish Church in the town centre.)

9th First of Lent                                  Holy Communion  2.00pm

23rd Third of Lent                               Prayer & Praise  2.00pm with Holy Communion


For further information on these services or for information about Christ Church Brittany please get in touch with the Revd Fred Trethewey,

Churchwardens or local contacts.


Home Group and Fellowship Meetings – March

Lent 2014

What do you think when in Communion you hear the words “This is my blood of the new covenant”?

Why did John the Baptist say ”Behold the Lamb of God”?

Is it coincidence that John’s Gospel frequently mentions that “it was the Passover festival”?

Why does Pilate keep asking Jesus if he is King of the Jews?

When I first arrived at Christ Church several conversations suggested that a number of people would like to give further attention to the Old Testament.

One thing led to another and I ended up volunteering (a) to put together a session on the Old Testament for the Rostrenen fellowship and (b) to devise a Lent Course that explored how some of the events of Holy Week had their roots in these ancient Hebrew scriptures.

I have now put together up to six sessions covering the sort of questions asked above – the number each group tackles will depend on local circumstances.

The existing fellowship and bible study groups will be meeting weekly during Lent to explore some Old Testament themes and the wider questions they raise, such as faithfulness, sacrificial love, forgiveness and authority.

If you do not currently attend such a group I would like to encourage you to join one for Lent. Please have a word with me or one of your local leaders if you would like to know more.  

Revd Fred Trethewey



The Rostrenen Fellowship group will be meeting to follow a Lent course on the following dates: March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11. All are Fridays and the starting time is 2.30 pm and there will be refreshments at the end of each meeting. We meet in the Salle Paroissiale, 4 rue Joseph Pennec, Rostrenen. This year we shall be following a course that the Rev’d Fred Trethewey is producing on the links between the Old and New Testaments. Further details from Robin or Laura Hillman, 02 97 51 74 26 or Brenda Franklin, 02 96 21 52 98.


On the afternoon of Tuesday 4th March there will be a presentation and talk on the Old Testament and this will be followed each Tuesday during March with a Lent course. The course has been produced by Rev Fred Trethewey and will be looking at the links between the Old & New Testaments. Each meeting commences at 3.00pm with tea and cake, and for further information please contact Chris & Liz on 02 97 72 45 33 or e-mail lizzieandchris@wanadoo.fr.

A Musical Afternoon – Saturday 1st March 2014.

SATURDAY MARCH 1st: 4.30 pm - A Musical Afternoon - A social get together at Botlan, Paule - bring along a favourite CD and talk briefly about it: also bring a plate of food. For further information please contact Robin & Laura Hillman (02 97 51 74 26) or Brenda Franklin (02 96 21 52 98).


Fund Raising Quiz – Saturday March 15th 2014.

SATURDAY MARCH 15th: 3.00 pm - A FUND-RAISING QUIZ at the Salle des Fêtes, St Michel, Glomel. Bring your friends along!
For further information please contact Robin & Laura Hillman (02 97 51 74 26) or Brenda Franklin (02 96 21 52 98).


Ploërmel Social - Friday 28th March 2014 – A Visit to the Holy Land

Andrew Turnbull will be sharing his experiences with a presentation of his visit to the Holy Land. The evening will as usual include a light supper but please remember to bring your own drinks. Cost will be 5 Euros to be paid on the night. This will be a popular evening so please book early by adding your name to the list in the coffee room or e-mail Elaine at  elaine.wilson@orange.fr.


Christ Church Brittany Annual Meeting – Sunday 30th March 2014.

This year’s Annual Meeting and Meeting to Appoint Churchwardens will be held on Sunday 30th March at 14 Rue Général Dubreton, Ploërmel, after the morning service. Proceedings will start with the meeting to elect the Churchwardens and will then be followed by the Annual Meeting itself.

 Elections will take place on the day for the following:

  • Two Churchwardens – A Churchwarden’s term of office is for 1 year only. The election of the Churchwardens takes place before the commencement of the Annual Meeting and only if there are more than two Churchwardens nominated will a vote be necessary. The nominee, proposer and seconder, must all be members of the Electoral Roll and nominations must be received no later than the day before the meeting.
  • Elected Council members - Elected Members terms of office are for 1 year only and existing elected members must therefore apply for re-election. The number of members to be elected depends on the size of the Electoral Roll so final numbers will not be known until the revised Electoral Roll has been published (see note below). Nominations can be accepted up to the start of the meeting. The nominee, proposer and seconder, must all be members of the electoral roll, and nominations must be received before or at the meeting. Voting will only take place if numbers nominated exceed the number of Council Members allowed.
  • Archdeaconry Synod Representatives – this year sees a requirement to elect our Archdeaconry Synod Representatives at the Annual Meeting and they will take up office on 1st June 2014 for a three year period. The number of representatives will depend on the numbers on the Electoral Roll at the Annual Meeting and this will not be known until a Revised Roll has been finalised. See note below regarding this.
  • Sidespersons – The Council would again like to appoint a number of Sidespersons to be elected at the Annual Meeting. It is also envisaged that we will appoint some of the Sidespersons to be Deputy Wardens, such persons would not have any legal status but would be able to assist the Churchwardens in their duties and deputise for them when necessary.
  • Independent Examiner – We will wish to elect an independent examiner, whose term of office lasts for one year and who audits the accounts and financial statements. The Independent Examiner is not a member of Council.

The Revised Electoral Roll mentioned above is currently being prepared and will be published on 16th March. It is emphasised that only those whose names are on the Roll will be entitled to vote so if you are uncertain whether or not you are on the Roll please contact Mrs Pam Adgey, Le Goirimat, 56920 Gueltas (Electoral Roll Officer). Tel: 02 97 38 58 78 or e-mail achorister56@orange.fr. If you are not on the Roll and you would like to be so; please ask Pam Adgey, a Churchwarden or a member of Council for the appropriate form. The criteria for applying to be on the Roll are as follows:

1. You are aged over 16 years and have been baptized.

2. You have signed an application form.

3. You are a member of the Church of England or of any church in communion with the Church of England and you have attended public worship in the parish during the six months prior to application for enrolment.

For further information on any of the above or for a nomination form for Churchwarden, Council Member or Archdeaconry Synod Rep please contact the Revd Fred Trethewey, a Churchwarden or the Secretary to the Council.



Newsletter Publication.

I have been involved in editing and producing the CCB monthly Newsletter for some years now and have felt for a little while that a change in editor would be beneficial. I am delighted to let you know therefore that from next month the Newsletter will be edited and produced by Alfred Adgey, who attends the Rostrenen worship centre. I am very grateful to Alfred for taking on this task and would ask that everyone supports him wherever possible in this. Alfred can be contacted by e-mail at achorister56@orange.fr. My grateful thanks go also to all those who have made contributions during my time as Editor.

Chris Wilson


Report on La Source

The Annual Meeting for La Source took place on Friday 7th February 2014 and was held in the coffee room at 14 Rue Général Dubreton, Ploërmel. It was reported that thanks to the work of the volunteers and in particular Lena Linton, La Source and especially the library had been transformed and there were now over 5000 books available. There had been a steady increase in income over the last two to three years which had enable the purchase of a number of new bookshelves and La Source had also received the donation of a new printer/scanner/copier to replace the existing faulty printer/copier. Grateful thanks were offered by the President to all those involved and in particular to Lena and also to Penny Murray who had been serving as Treasurer for the last few years.

A discussion took place as to how La Source might be better utilised as the outreach of Christ Church Brittany and also how to improve the publicity for La Source so that more people are aware of its existence. The newly elected Council of the Association will be looking further into this.

The following members were elected to serve on the Council of La Source so if you require any further information about La Source or would like to join please contact one of these:

President – Chris Wilson

Vice President – Michael Coe

Treasurer – Lena Linton

Secretary – Elaine Wilson

General Council Member – Penny Murray.


Association Les Mains Ouvertes

The AGM for Les Mains Ouvertes took place on Sunday 2nd February 2014 at 14 Rue Général Dubreton, Ploërmel. It was reported at the meeting that amounts donated to Les Mains Ouvertes had declined from the previous year and that the amount sent to charitable causes amounted to €1018. The three charities currently nominated to be supported are St George’s Baghdad, Les Frères des Lamennais and the Friends of TREAD. It was also agreed that in special one-off cases such as following a natural disaster then efforts would be made to raise monies and make a special donation. It was agreed at the meeting that more needs to be done to keep everyone updated with the activities of these charities and to start this off there is news and information on Friends of Tread elsewhere in this Newsletter. Information on the other charities will be included in future Newsletters.

The following members were elected to the Council of the Association so if you need further information or would like to become a member and supporter of Les Mains Ouvertes please contact one of these:

President – Chris Wilson

Vice-President – Fred Trethewey

Treasurer – Derek Richards

Secretary – Elaine Wilson

General Council Members – Robin Hillman, Carole Turner, Alan Mason, Bronwen Mason, Norma Parker, Margaret Trethewey, Guy Barnard.


Prayer Diary

Christ Church Brittany Prayer Diary                      March 2014


Please pray for  …….



The Church in Wales and those with connections in Wales

St David


Service at Ploërmel

S before Lent


The Churchwardens Norma and Chris in all their responsibilities



Fellowship and Bible Study Groups in the Chaplaincy as they prepare for the Lent meetings 



A good Lent, the service today, & meeting of the Chaplaincy Council

Ash Wed


Mark of Mission 1 – To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. Outreach to those not yet members of our congregations



The outreach ministry of La Source, Lena, and all who support it



The congregation at Huelgoat; Père Lommig and the people of the RC parishes of the area



Services at Huelgoat, Rostrenen and Ploërmel

Lent 1


The appointment of a new Bishop of the Diocese in Europe;            Bishop David, Archdeacon Ian and diocesan staff



Licensed Readers: Laura, Alan, Guy, Robin



Mark of Mission 2 - To teach, baptise and nurture new believers Contacts through Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals



Greg, Derek and Rob in their respective roles attending to the financial well-being of the Chaplaincy



A deepening of prayer life in the Chaplaincy



The congregation at Ploërmel; Père Pierre and the people of the RC parishes of the area




Lent 2


The Church in Ireland and those with connections on the island

St Patrick


Mark of Mission 3 - To respond to human need by loving service.  The ministry of Les Mains Ouvertes, and Les Restos du Coeur



Authorised Worship leaders: Carole, Kate, Norma, Maureen, Graham, Chris



St Bartholomew’s Dinard, Gareth Randall & Debbie Flach the R Dean



Mark of Mission 4 - To seek to transform unjust structures … to challenge violence …. to pursue peace and reconciliation



The congregation at Rostrenen; Père Jean-Marc and the people of the RC parishes of the area



Services at Ploërmel, Rostrenen and Huelgoat

 Lent 3


The causes supported from the Chaplaincy : Friends of TREAD, St George’s Church Baghdad, Les Frères des Lamennais



Musicians in the chaplaincy: all who contribute to music for worship



Fred and Margaret; Jeremy and Suzanne; Michael and Anne



Mark of Mission 5 - To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth



Social events at Ploërmel today and Rostrenen tomorrow



The wellbeing of the Communes in which we live



Service and Annual Chaplaincy Meeting at Ploërmel

Lent 4


The newly elected Chaplaincy Council; Robin’s work as secretary


Friends of TREAD

Friends of TREAD is one of the charities currently being supported by Christ Church Brittany through our Association, Les Mains Ouvertes. I would firstly mention that TREAD is not in fact linked to another charity, the Barnabas Fund, as has been mentioned previously, but these are two entirely separate charities. You can find out more about Friends of TREAD by looking at their website www.friendsoftread.org but below is some of what TREAD are all about.

To help them or one of the other charities that Christ Church currently support please send donations to a Churchwarden or to Derek Richards, the Treasurer for Les Mains Ouvertes. We would also be delighted if anyone would like to arrange a fund raising event for our charities.


TREAD [Trinity Rural Education Association for Development] India Trust runs several projects in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa giving children and young people opportunities, support and care that they otherwise would not receive.

Working in conjunction with Compassion East India on three out of its six projects, TREAD provides day-care centres, a tailoring centre and an orphaned assistance programme, all run on firm Christian foundations.

We have entered a partnership with UK based charity Love the One. The Sounder Children’s Medical Clinic was built and opened on the site of the Sarah Child Development Centre at the village of Podia, Orissa State. For security reasons the doctors have had to withdraw and the clinic has closed but they are still able to offer advice and arrange treatment for TREAD on children's medical matters.

The vision is for more projects, but this requires capital and this is why Friends of TREAD exists: to advertise the ground-breaking work of TREAD India Trust and secure funds for further development.


And finally

“As in the days of Noah…”

It has felt as though the days of Noah have returned this winter and God has been tearing up his promise never to flood the whole earth again.

So is God to blame for the widespread inondations”? Or the Government? Or environmental agencies? Or global warming?

Over recent decades there has grown in the UK a creeping culture of blame. Where there is anger at the loss of home or possessions or livelihood or a loved one there is an insistence that someone is responsible. We believe that there must be an explanation and therefore someone must be at fault. Someone has to be found to be a lightning rod to conduct the red-hot current of rage away to safety.

It has been instructive to come across the Channel and to find the culture is a little different in Brittany. People are far more ready to take responsibility for themselves and not project blame onto others.

This month we begin Lent. It is a time to stop finding excuses and apportioning blame and to accept responsibility for things that may be going wrong in our lives.

Lent is a preparation for the moment when we look at the cross and see Jesus carrying the can for us all.

I wish you a fruitful and thought-provoking Lent and end with this Russian proverb:

 "Praise loudly, blame softly."

The Revd Fred Trethewey

Priest in Charge


Newsletter Contributions: for the April issue, please e-mail your contributions to Alfred Adgey at church.newsletter@orange.fr,

the deadline is Monday 17th March 2014.


Any views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily those of Christ Church Brittany but those of the individual contributor.







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